Powerkik 20K


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Want more Portable Power? POWERKIK’s PK20K will provide up to 20,800 mAh of power so that you can charge your mobile devices in an efficient way. The PK20K will provide and Output of DC 5.0V 1A/3A and has an Input of DC 5V 2A. This Power Bank is compatible with 99% 5V Digital Mobile Devices.

The PK20K also has a Power Light, which can be turned on and used as Night Lighting, handy when navigating around the campsite or nighttime environment.  The unit also has a digital power indicator which lets you know the current power which is available and lets you know when the unit is charging.

The PK20K has three (3) USB Ports which will allow you to charge 3 devices at the same time. 

The PK20K can be charged by using one of our Powerkik Solar Chargers or with our Standard Powerkik Wall/Mains USB Charger or other USB Wall / Mains Chargers.

Depending on your device charging requirements, the PK20K will charge from between 5-6 mobile phones when fully charged.

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Powerkik 20K Includes

  • 20800mAh Li-Polymer battery

Compatible with 99% 5V Digital Mobile Devices

Battery Specifications

Battery Type Li-Polymer
Capacity 20800mAh
DC Output 5.0V 1A / 3A
Input DC 5V / 2A
Multi use USB 3 USB Power Bank

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions 16.4cm x 8.1cm x 2.3cm
Weight 366g