Powerkik 10K


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POWERKIK introduces the stylish Power Bank which has a capacity of 10,000 mAh power. This Power Bank has three (3) USB Ports which allows you to charge three devices at once such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, cameras, games, and other devices as the PK10K is compatible with 99% of 5V Digital Mobile devices.

This POWERKIK Power Bank has an Output of DC 5.0V 1A and 2.1A and an Input of DC 5V/2A. This unit can be charged by either a Mains/Wall USB outlet or by one of the POWERKIK Solar Chargers. Very portable and weighs only 275 gms.

The PK10K also has a “flashlight” beacon which can be turned on to provide night lighting and a safety feature.

Depending on your device’s battery charging requirements, normally you can charge from 3-4 mobile phones from one fully charged PK10K. The PK10K also has LED power indicator lights to let you know the current power level available for use.

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Powerkik 10K Includes

  • 10000mAh Li-Polymer battery

Compatible with 99% 5V Digital Mobile Devices

Battery Specifications

Battery Type Li-Polymer
Capacity 10000mAh
DC Output 5.0V 1A / 2.1A
Input DC 5V / 2A
Multi use USB 3 USB Power Bank

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions 14.25cm x 6.43cm x 2.33cm
Weight 275g