Powerkik Solar Charger 40W


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If you are looking for MORE PORTABLE POWER, Powerkik’s new 40W highly efficient solar panel from Sunpower, USA is just the solar power generator you need. The PK40W has 6 individual solar panels which provide 6.5V / 40Watts of power. Total Maximum Output is 5V/35Watts. The PK40W has Dual USB ports, a single port with a maximum USB output of 5V/2.4 Amps. The PK40W comes with a built-in smart chip which gives it a unique start function controlled by specially designed software.

The PK40W also has a DC Output with three (3) power levels which are adjustable from 12V – 15V – 18V. You can charge your iPhones, iPads, Android devices and most notebooks directly from the sun. Combine this with one of the Powerkik Power Banks and while charging your devices using the sun’s energy, you can be charging your Powerkik Power Banks as well to use later during the night.

The PK40W easily attaches to multiple traveling mediums by tethering the PK40W with the use of the multiple key holes on the canvas covering.

Each PK40W comes with 1 USB to Micro USB cable and 1 Powerkik 5-Lead USB Cable which allows you to charge 5 different devices at the same time from one of the USB ports. A handy charging cable  

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Powerkik Solar Charger 40W Includes:

  • 40W Solar Panel
  • (1) USB Cable Connector

Device Charging Specifications

USB Outputs 2
USB Max Output 5V / 2.1A
DC Output 12V / 15V / 18V
Total Max Output 32W

Dimensions & Weight

Folded 35cm x 18cm x 4cm
Open 49cm x 69cm x 0.5cm
Weight 930g