Powerkik Car Charger


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Powerkik presents our fast charging Car Charger with DUAL USB PORTS which will allow you to charge multiple devices while driving. Have you ever used your phone to navigate on Google your driving trip and noticed how much phone battery power is required to get you to your final destination? Once you arrive your phone is very short or out of power and leaves little or no time of phone use. With the Powerkik Car Charger, which has a Quick Charge Smart IC, you can plug your phone into the Charger and use your phone app for travel directions while not losing any battery power from your phone. You arrive at your destination with a fully charged phone and it hasn’t cost you a cent. You use your Powerkik Car Charger & car engine battery power to power-up all of your devices during your driving adventure.

With optimized circuit design with IC switch judging and processing, this car charger provides 7 kinds of security protection to protect the working time of a product battery, such as over current protection, overvoltage protection, electric leakage protection and short-circuit protection.

So the next time you take a road trip, whether on vacation or just around town, you can be powering your devices and your Powerkik Power Banks with this handy car charging device.

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Powerkik Car Charger Includes

  • 4.8A Car Charger

Device Charging Specifications

Output 4.8A
USB Ports 2

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions 6.5cm x 2cm