Peppermint Milo24 Solar Charger


Pair it with any Powerbank to capture and store energy from the sun even when your electronics aren’t plugged in.

Greater 24W Solar Power Charger. Solar Panel Output: 5.5V / 24W. Has 1 USB Output Port. Has 1 USB Output Port 3.0 A & 1 DC Output Port of 12V / 18W. One USB cable provided. This unit will charge Notebooks, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, power banks, cameras, GoPro’s and other devices. Combine with one of the Powerkik Power Banks and you have a really true energy capture and storage pack. Lightweight at 565gm make this a very transportable solar charger. This unit is professionally presented in a highly durable canvas cover.

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Milo24 Solar Charger Includes

  • 24W Solar Panel
  • (1) USB Cable Connector

Device Charging Specifications

Solar Panel Output 5.5V / 24W
USB Output Ports 1 (USB 2.1)
USB Max Output 15W (shared)
DC Max Output 12V / 18W

Dimensions & Weight

Folded 15.88cm x 26.04cm
Open 70.49cm x 26.04cm
Weight 565g