Forty2 Pro+ Solar Generator


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An all-in-one system, the heavy duty Forty2 combines solar charging, power storage and wall outlet level power in an easy to use portable unit. It is designed for mobile and off-grid applications with a durable exterior built to handle the bumps and bruises of travel and nature. Throw it in the back of your pickup truck or leave it out in the rain.

Fully charged in just 12 hours of sun or charge it before you go using the wall charger.

Consider it your unlimited range extension cord for your devices.

In direct and clear sun, you can assume 180 watts of solar x 10 hours of sunlight = 1.8KWH (kilowatt hours).

If you add in the stored power from the internal batteries you have access to another 1.0KWH of power which could be utilized. That gives you up to 2.8KWH of power during the day from your Forty2 Max Solar Generator

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Forty2 Pro+ Solar Generator Includes

  • 1000 Watt hr all-in-one generator
  • (1) Forty2 Wall Charger

*Connect up to 10 units to increase power (up to 10,000W).

Device Charging Specifications

USB Outputs 2
DC Outputs 2
Solar 180W
Solar Type 18.5% efficient mono-crystalline photovoltaics
Battery Lithium Ion, 1000 wHr storage
Power Inversion 900W continuous / 1800W surge

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions 86.99cm x 15.24cm x 76.2cm
Weight 28.6kg